Saturday, August 23, 2008

Decided last night that this morning I would venture up one of the trails on the mountainside directly behind Reading Town and my neighborhood. Angele explained to me how to get there, but still got a little lost this morning. Ran into a few interesting things before I found the trail, head, though, such as a good way to recycle old tires:

Could see a bit more of the Changwon area on my way up:

The trail was marked well, and a little map at the bottom showed the three routes. I wasn't quite sure which I was taking.

Was super surprised and incredibly amused to see people pumping iron at seven in the morning in this outdoor exercise facility. I wanted to jump in there and work out with them! There was a gentleman standing off to the side who called out "Good Morning!" to me, and it really startled me, because I had yet to be greeted by an Korean just in passing, let alone in English.

The trail was absolutely gorgeous, and very steep. A man who was on his way down warned," Be careful--very slick!" as I passed him, and it definitely was; we had some torrential rains last night.

There were several of these water stations on the way up. I'm not sure if they're for drinking--the water here isn't safe to drink unless boiled--but one wouldn't think they'd be there just to cool people off, especially with those colorful water scoops.

Midway up the mountain, the trail became incredibly steep and rocky, and the view of Changwon better and better:

I didn't go for the top, because I didn't know how far it was, but perhaps next time I will. Tomorrow, we go to the beach!

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