Thursday, August 28, 2008


Totally forgot to put up my pics from Hyundai beach! My first time ever seeing the ocean while actually grounded. I hate to admit this, but it was incredibly anticlimactic. Fun for a little while--yes--but one can only lay in the sun for so long and wander out to sea so far before longing for a nice mountain to trek up :)

But here are the pictures. Sara was oh-so-sweet as to invite me, and several other people, but they declined the invitation. We met two gentlemen at the beach--Cam and Anthony--whom she had met at one of the international bars some weeks ago in downtown Changwon.

Waves! Sand! Water as far as the eye could see! One can only imagine how astonished I was that these things existed in such tangible tandem, and not merely in pictures and television.

Couldn't think of any better way to express my feelings at that moment. Like I said: anticlimactic.

Some ways down the beach was this fabulous mermaid statue, and just before that, strange Korean disciplinary action. Perhap this child had failed to complete his hagwon homework the week before.

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Dave said...

KFos. Its DStitz, remember me. I came across your blog on facebook and now its bookmarked on my firefox toolbar. I've only made it this far since school is really busy right now, but I'll catch up one of these days. Is this trip you're on part of the TALK program. If so, whenever you get back, or if we can chat via email now, I would love to talk to you about it because I heard about it last year and its been added to my list of things to pursue. Hope things are goin well. By the way, the stories have had me laughing out loud. Thanks.